OFFICIAL PICKS 2006-2021 (latest update: September 27, 2021):

1985 6339.5 7035.307 +695.807 11.0% 770.8%
...Skeeve has long been our top rated Sports Betting tipster due to his excellent track record of profits in every season since 2006/07. Coupled with his exemplary customer service and the fact he settles all his bets at extremely fair and achievable odds, he sets the standard for other football tipsters to follow... (Peter Ling, Smart Betting Club
...Skeeve is the service that has been there, done it, and bought the T-shirt. This is a service that knows how to handle losing runs, that can self-analyse effectively to mantain and improve performance moving forward, and which brandishes the evidence that some serious hard work goes into making the selections every week... (Rowan Day, The Portfolio Investor)

...With no little flair, Skeeve shows the obvious benefits of specialisation, meticulous research and selectivity in his betting... (Greg Gordon, Progambler)

...I'm skeptical about tipsters, but Skeeve does stand the test of time. His transparency and willingness to record his picks at delayed prices sets him apart from the rest... (Joseph Buchdahl, Football Data)

...The truth is that good tipsters are hard to find. Skeeve comes to mind as an exception, achieving an edge by specialising in a niche market... (Cassini, Green All Over)

...Excellent stuff from Skeeve, I agree... (Terje Grefstad, Betting Advice)

OFFICIAL PICKS 2021/22 (latest update: September 27, 2021)***:

2021/22 7 11 5.25 1-0-6 -5.75 -52.3% -11.5%
September 7 11 5.25 1-0-6  -5.75 -52.3% -11.5%
25/9 NL: Maidenhead - GRIMSBY  (1.91 @Pinnacle pre-mail - 1.80 @Pinnacle recorded odds - 1.66 @Pinnacle closing odds - 1.65 min. odds) 3 points  FT 1:1 (-3) 
25/9 NL: Dover - BROMLEY  (1.81 @Pinnacle pre-mail - 1.75 @Pinnacle recorded odds - 1.72 @Pinnacle closing odds - 1.60 min. odds) 3 points  FT 0:1 (+2.25) 
25/9 NL: Eastleigh - WOKING  (2.72 @Pinnacle pre-mail - 2.56 @Pinnacle recorded odds - 2.47 @Pinnacle closing odds - 2.50 min. odds) 2 points  FT 3:2 (-2)   
25/9 NL (in-play, at 1:0): Altrincham - (-0.5) NOTTS COUNTY  (2.00 @Pinnacle pre-mail - 1.97 @Pinnacle recorded odds - 1.80 min. odds) 1 point  FT 1:0 (-1) 
25/9 NL (in-play, at 1:0): Altrincham - NOTTS COUNTY  (4.30 @Pinnacle pre-mail - 4.28 @Pinnacle recorded odds - 3.50 min. odds) 0.5 point  FT 1:0 (-0.5) 
25/9 NL (in-play, at 1:0): Barnet - (0) WEYMOUTH  (1.75 @Pinnacle pre-mail - 1.72 @Pinnacle recorded odds - 1.60 min. odds) 1 point  FT 3:1 (-1) 
25/9 NL (in-play, at 1:0): Barnet - WEYMOUTH  (8.07 @Pinnacle pre-mail - 7.98 @Pinnacle recorded odds - 6.50 min. odds) 0.5 point  FT 3:1 (-0.5)

*advised bank: 50 points*
***based on recorded odds, those available with Pinnacle sixty seconds after I send the pick in an e-mail***
*proofed to Smart Betting Clubsince March 2008*

The SBC 'Lifetime Achievement' honour is designed to recognize those who have provided outstanding services to punters through tipping and is chosen by the Secret Betting Club team. This year's very worthy award recipient is the football tipster, Skeeve, who since 2006 has been posting his lower-league football tips to great acclaim. Making a profit over the course of 1 football season is difficult enough but to do it over 10 consecutive seasons as Skeeve has done is a phenomenal achievement. Over the lifetime of his service, Skeeve has posted just under 1500 tips and made 674 points profit at 12.2% Return on Investment. It is not just his profit but the quality of customer service and his odds-settlement policy that also deserves merit as Skeeve has always played extremely fair by his members. Ensuring that you can often match, if not beat the advised profits he records on his website – a huge deal when you consider today’s betting markets and how they react to sharp money. Skeeve is well on course to enjoy his 11th consecutive profitable season and we can’t think of a worthier recipient for this honour. Here is to another decade of profit!