Skeeve's Mail is a members-only pdf magazine, featuring Skeeve's clients' questions, comments, hints and advice.

Here are some of the topics covered in each issue:

Skeeve's Mail #13 (March 2016)
***the UK Gambling (Licensing & Advertising) Act***
***188bet and 12bet: they're no Pinnacle, but at least they have a UK betting license***
***betting in Turkey***
***German Wettsteuer***
***New Zealand: the promised land?***
***outsider bets (+17.78 point profit / 52.2% ROI at one-point flat stakes since January 2015)***

Skeeve's Mail #12 (January 2014)
***Pinnacle: "limits" for the Skrill Premier doubles***
***deal? no deal***
***unofficial mentions: how I dare mention them***
***hate mail***
***love mail***

Skeeve's Mail #11 (July 2013)
***jumping the boat too soon with the ante post bets?***
***Hungarian football: liquidity***
***Bet-at-home: poor odds, great limits***
***MyBet currently only accepting 50 euros per non-league double***
***Skeeve's z-score: 3.6***
***five years in the SBC Hall of Fame***

Skeeve's Mail #10 (March 2013)
***the good run***
***new gambling laws in Greece***
***new gambling laws in Cyprus***
***shocking: BetVictor close yet another account***
***the Blue Square South betting scandal***
***Kidderminster to win the league @151, as mentioned in the e-mail sent on December 7***
***non-league betting in Australia***
***feedback needed: limits with 188bet***

Skeeve's Mail #9 (February 2013)
***the horror run***
***the horror run continues***
***Blue Square Premier: tight as a duck's proverbial***
***money management***
***a comparative analysis of AsianConnect and Bet-IBC***
***the horror run***
***postponed games and refunds***
***a double-chance bet and a (+0.5) asian handicap: same thing***
***the horror run***

Skeeve's Mail #8 (November 2012)
***old Skeeve finally banned from Bet365***
***non-league bets with Marathon***
***non-league limits with BetButler***
***shocking: odds still move***

Skeeve's Mail #7 (September 2012)
***getting used to the asian lines***
***restrictions in Germany***
***story of an arber***
***Expekt's weird e-mail to a client***
***shocking: Victor Chandler close another account***
***even more shocking: odds move***
***Bet-at-home added to the list of bookmakers we're using for the doubles***

Skeeve's Mail #6 (August 2012)
***MyBet and UK residents***
***draw bets with the likes of Pinnacle and SBO***
***new gambling laws in Spain***
***Ladbrokes' policy of charging for unused accounts***
***pre-season research preview: all about Hereford United***

Skeeve's Mail #5 (June 2012)
***the bookmakers guide and ratings***

Skeeve's Mail #4 (May 2012)
***Ladbrokes close yet another losing account***
***online streams for non-league games***
***AsianConnect review***

Skeeve's Mail #3 (April 2012)
***restrictions in France***
***Dafabet - same odds as 12bet, but bigger limits***
***Samvo - for high-rollers only***
***5Dimes useful for non-league doubles***
***AsianConnect - Pinnacle and SBO at the same time***

Skeeve's Mail #2 (April 2012)
***Ladbrokes close a losing account***
***other services followed by Skeeve Picks clients***
***putting four points instead of one on a winning long-shot double - the best mistake ever***

Skeeve's Mail #1 (March 2012)
***shocking: a client who can still bet with Victor Chandler***
***splitting the stake between UK and Asian bookmakers***
***odds movements***